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Take It A Day At A Time

12 August 1987
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I Am:
Kylie. Australian/Maltese. 24. A winter baby. A girl. An only child. A Leo. Loud around friends. Quiet around family. Indecisive. Naive. Random. Obsessive. Weird. Easily annoyed. Easily provoked. Tall. A bar bitch. A manager. A bitch 70% of the time. In love.

I Want:
To travel. My own home. To find myself. To understand some of the more complex things in life. More time to sleep. Less time to work. My tongue pierced. To have a career.

I Have:
A girlfriend. Two tattoos. A farting hippo. An odd sense of humour. Four dogs. One bird. Black hair. Very dark brown eyes. Too many DVDs. No understanding of sport. A lot of books. No time.

I hate:
Spiders. Holdens. Summer. Change. Stupid people. Arrogant people. Rude people. Animals with more than 4 legs. Flies. Meat. Waking up. Slow drivers. Liars. War. Being sick. Crying in front of people. Crying in general. Horror movies. People deliberately hurting other people.

I love:
My girlfriend. My laptop. My phone. My dogs. Kids. Dogs. Dolphins. Lions. Tigers. Tv. Writing. Music. Singing. Talking. Sleeping. Dreaming. Chicken. The smell of freshly cut grass. Rain. Winter. Wicked. Rent. Musicals. Driving. Fords.

I fear:
Death. Being alone. Change. Spiders. Animals with more than 4 legs. Reptiles.

I Dream:
In colour.

TV Shows:
NCIS. Charmed. Law and Order SVU. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Frasier. Becker. The Simpsons. The Nanny. Dollhouse. South of Nowhere. Glee.

Rent. Grease. True Lies. Practical Magic. Down Periscope. Miss Congeniality. The Italian Job. Finding Nemo. Shrek(1). Mean Girls. Bring It On. Wish Upon a Star. Scary Movie(1). 10 Things I Hate About You. Charlie's Angels. Clueless. The Craft. Cruel Intentions. Chicago. Enchanted. Ever After. John Tucker Must Die. Jaw Breaker. Legally Blonde. Speed. The Wizard of Oz. Mamma Mia.

I Ship:
Femslash. Canon. Het. Casey/Olivia. Olivia/Alex. Casey/Alex. Charlie/Joey. Jenny/Gibbs. Abby/Ziva. Tony/Ziva. Abby/Kate. Ashley/Spencer. Paige/Glen. Phoebe/Cole. Prue/Andy. Piper/Leo. Quinn/Puck. Quinn/Rachel. Rachel/Puck. Rachel/Finn. Satana/Brittany

I Idolise:
Mariska Hargitay. Lauren Holly. Pauley Perrette. Cote De Pablo. Sandra Bullock. Diane Neal. Lea Michele. Dianna Agron. Naya Rivera

My Sister's Keeper - Jodie Piccoult. The Gatekeeper Trilogy - Buffy series. Annie On My Mind - Nancy Garden

Eclectic taste. Paramore. Kelly Clarkson. The Fray. Rihanna. Elton John. Nickelback. The Corrs. Dishwalla. Missy Higgins. Anna Nalick.

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